Dex McBean

Dex McBean is a Brooklyn rapper and New York hip-hop veteran, best known as a founding member of the rap group Ashy L Bowz.

Areas of Interest

  • Finance and Personal Wealth
  • Business Strategy
  • Investing and Markets
  • Comedy, Pop Culture, and Sports
  • Any Definition of "Hustle"

Dex McBean, also known as “Tripl3X”, is a Brooklyn native rapper, actor, and sketch comic, and a founding member of the rap group Ashy L Bowz, which won a 2010 Underground Music Award for “Most Original Group”, as well as Independent Music Award and Hollywood Music Award nominations in 2009. The Bowz were also featured in High Times as an “Unsigned Band of the Week” which landed them a coveted performance at the Magazine’s legendary 420 Party.

Since working with the Bowz, Dex has stayed sharp in the New York hip-hop scene by competing frequently in the Supreme BARS and Freestyle Mondays battle series, winning seven titles and earning a reputation as a formidable and often hilarious improviser.

Dex’s songwriting interests have more recently turned to financial literacy and investing, and his forthcoming album “WeALTH: We All Live to Hustle” is a collection of twelve tracks that take listeners back to school on the saving and investing habits they should have learned a long time ago.

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by Dex McBean



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Great job! The care and enthusiasm reflects in the quality and engagement of the end product. Dex McBean gets an unambiguous A+.

Event Rap

I can highly recommend Event Rap! Dex McBean did an amazing job putting it all together – I love it, and my mom even called to say how cool it was.

Event Rap
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