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Science of Science

The science of science, aka SciSci, is the study of statistical trends in scientific publication, citation, innovation, and productivity, measuring the impact of individual papers, researchers, and teams working in collaboration from partners to co-authorship in the hundreds.


Hila the Killa takes you on a journey into the world of tree canopies, while celebrating their unique contribution to biodiversity and their therapeutic effects.

Revenge of the Somatic

The Evolutionary Story of Cancer, animation commissioned by ASU’s “Arizona Cancer Evolution Center”, song based on the book “The Cheating Cell” by Athena Aktipis.

From God to Verse

Abdominal breaks down the links between religious and poetic inspiration, one of the key themes of the new book of the same name by author Seth Brown.

Schmuck the Buck

Kosha Dillz tells the story of Schmuck the Buck, Santa’s Jewish reindeer, and the unity of the holiday season.

The Scarlet Letter Rap

Abdominal breaks down the key elements of the classic 1850 novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The How of Happiness Rap

Abdominal summarizes Sonja Lyubomirsky’s 2008 bestseller “The How of Happiness” in a playful lyrical flow. What rhymes with “hedonic adaptation”?

Ballad of a Zombie

A zombie anthem exploring the evolutionary science of parasitism, from pathogens to social media.

Bright Future

Baba Brinkman summarizes the case for nuclear power as a crucial tool in the fight against climate change, especially given the rising energy demands of the developing world, based on the book “A Bright Future”.

Feelings for Reasons

Baba Brinkman distills the evolutionary argument for the origin and function of emotions, including the ways they can produce anxiety, depression, and addiction in the modern environment, based on the book “Good Reasons for Bad Feelings” by Randy Nesse.


Book Summary

You can't judge a book by its cover, but a good cover helps to hook a reader's interest. Now imagine hooking readers with an original rap video summarizing the book's key arguments or plot points in a series of catchy, funny, memorable rhymes and punchlines, with a chorus that gets stuck in your head.

Whether a popular science book, a work of fiction, or any other literary genre, our rap artists will take a deep dive into your book, with your feedback, and capture the central message in a rap song and video that can either be shared for fun or placed at the center of an entire digital marketing campaign.




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