Company Anthem

A company anthem tells an organization's story and distills its values and purpose for marketing and team-building.

Company Anthem Videos

The Story of Event Rap

Baba Brinkman tells the story of Event Rap’s founding in early 2021, with the help of several of the platform’s first signed artists.

Welcome to Republic

Dex McBean performs a company anthem for the investing platform Republic at their virtual five-year anniversary party.

Freedom of the Printing Press

In this misinformation age, don’t forget about the independent journalists, publishers, and printing presses that empower community newspapers to serve their local readerships with un-hackable, unfiltered news.

Engineering Exam Prep

Taking the dreaded PE Exam (Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam) to become a licensed engineer can be stressful, but thankfully there are new online resources to help you through the process. Take it from your guide inverse K, who earned an engineering degree before pursuing a less orthodox path: you too can take the PE and pass it!

You Gotta Hear This

Zeps makes the case for audiobooks as the future of reading, commissioned by Audible.