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Harvard Strategy Compass

Baba Brinkman performs for Harvard Business School MBA students, summarizing their discussion of a SafeGraph case study and the Entrepreneurial Playbook.

Epics and Empires

Nathan Dufour sums up Dr. Ted Leinbaugh’s popular “Empire and Diplomacy” course at UNC Chapel Hill.

Created for the Transatlantic Forum for Education and Diplomacy.

Meteorite: Clara Maurel’s PhD Defense

Baba Brinkman performs a rap up summary of Dr. Clara Maurel’s PhD thesis defense presentation, earning her doctorate at MIT, June 11 2021. Rap your PhD!

NUSBS Means Business

Dex McBean summarizes an entire semester of Dr. Arzi Adbi’s Business Strategy course at the National University of Singapore School of Business.

The World Since 1945

Lex Rush breaks down the major events and trends in world history since 1945, summarizing the popular course taught at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Let’s Talk Entrepreneurship

Dex McBean sums up the popular Entrepreneurship course taught by Professor Linus Dahlander at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin.

MIT Sloan EnStrat & Jane Technologies

Baba Brinkman raps up the popular entrepreneurial strategy class taught by Professor Scott Stern at MIT Sloan School of Business, examining the choices made by MIT alum Socrates Rosenthal and his growing company Jane Technologies.


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