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Carbon Calamity

Dex McBean brings to life the most epic debate in carbon removal (CDR), whether to prioritize economical but less-durable solutions that scale rapidly, or focus on more permanent carbon removal options even if they are more expensive.

Cell or Gene

Corey J breaks down the cell and gene therapy applications of CRISPR and the amazing potential to cure genetic diseases on the near horizon, released on World CRISPR Day 2021.

Cavemen to Spacemen

Mega Ran explores the origins of humanity and what those humble roots can teach us as we enter the next phase of our evolution.

Inner Speech

Mega Ran breaks down a recent major advance in the search for machine consciousness: inner speech in robots that can articulate their own decision-making process to achieve their goals more effectively.

Targeted Pressure

The nascent CDR (carbon dioxide removal) industry is innovating dozens of creative ways to capture carbon, some using biology and botany and ecology, some oceanology, some chemistry and physics and engineering and computer science.

Palindrome in the Genome

CRISPR stands for “Clustered Regularly Interspersed Short Palindromic Repeats” and the palindromes in DNA resemble the palindromes in words and poetry in key ways.

What’s the Mater?

Dex McBean breaks down the many functions and facets of the three protective meninges in the central nervous system.

My Rhymes are CRISPR

Nothing says hip-hop more than Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, particularly as it applies to disease modeling, as told by Abdominal.

Africa Been Next

Zeps breaks down the business case for investing in the South African start-up ecosystem. Africa been next!

ABCs of Mushrooms: Chanterelles

How can you tell a chanterelle mushroom from one of the many lookalikes species? Listen to Hila rap the ways.


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