Non-Profit Anthem

A non-profit anthem summarizes the mission and vision of an organization working towards the public good.

Non-Profit Anthem Videos

Decade of the Cargo Bike

Abdominal makes the case for cargo bikes as a key solution to the challenges of traffic, air pollution, and urban logistics.


Hila the Killa takes you on a journey into the world of tree canopies, while celebrating their unique contribution to biodiversity and their therapeutic effects.

We Love Carmen

MC Zeps introduces a lovable Cane Corso named Carmen as well as the animal rescue shelters that helped her get from a puppy mill to her current happy owner. #AdoptDontShop #DontCropLetEmFlop

WRUU Near and Far

Kosha Dillz delivers a custom rap tribute to local community radio stations everywhere and the award-winning WRUU Savannah in particular. Support local radio!

Jam 4 Cancer

Jam Young’s tribute to breast cancer survivors and the non-profits that support their treatment and recovery and research for a cure, supported by Cans 4 Cancer.