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Rogue Drone Down

Mega Ran takes a tour of the drone security industry and the innovative technologies developed by Israel’s D-Fend Solutions for taking control of rogue drones.

Study in the UK

Dizzy Senze serves up a compelling list of reasons US high school students should consider applying to universities in the UK instead of focussing only on their local college options.

Throat Coat

Hila the Earth teams up with Traditional Medicinals in a sultry jam about the many ingredients and virtues of their legendary Throat Coat tea.

Freedom of the Printing Press

In this misinformation age, don’t forget about the independent journalists, publishers, and printing presses that empower community newspapers to serve their local readerships with un-hackable, unfiltered news.


Promo Rap

Marketing campaigns are hard to get right, with so much original content online competing for attention.

Commission an original custom rap video from an Event Rap artist and you get an evergreen marketing asset, an ear worm, and an instant classic that you can re-post again and again, for either organic and paid reach.

Made in collaboration with each client based on a detailed brief and multiple rounds of revisions, custom rap videos capture the perfect balance between informing the public about your project and grabbing their attention in the process.




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