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Meta Accelerator USA

Bronx rapper Dizzy Senze attends the 2022-2023 Meta Accelerator program’s final meeting on Zoom and raps a summary of the discussion and sharing by community leaders.

Contentment Foundation SOTU

Baba Brinkman attends the 2022 “State of the Union” meeting for the Contentment Foundation and creates an on-site rap summary of their mission and new initiatives.

Google “3:20” Freestyle

Baba Brinkman performs an improvised freestyle inspired by comments in the live chat the Google Quantum Summer Symposium.

Community Foundations of Canada

Zeps performs a rap summary of the Community Foundations of Canada virtual “Reconnect” conference, highlighting local initiatives to improve communities across the country.

Women in CRISPR Panel

Hila the Killa performs a rap up summary of the World CRISPR Day “Women in CRISPR” panel featuring top female geneticists, October 20, 2021.

Falling Walls Engage Cup

Nathan Dufour delivers a rap up summary of the Falling Walls “Engage Cup” competition, with teams of science communicators from around the world brainstorming ways to improve the public understanding of science.

Environment Funders Canada Freestyle

Baba Brinkman performs a fully improvised freestyle set in response to attendee comments at the Environment Funders Canada 2021 Conference.

AirMiners Conference

Performed May 13th, 2020, at the AirMiners Virtual Conference, the first virtual Rap Up of the COVID era.

10,000 Teachers Rap Up

Baba Brinkman performs a Rap Up summary of the 10,000 Teachers Conference at New York Climate Week 2020, hosted by PocketLab, Science Is Cool, and Shhh, It’s Real.

Propelling Purpose Day 2

Lex Rush sums up Day 2 of the United Way Social Purpose Institute’s 2021 “Propelling Purpose Summit” on business social and environmental responsibility.


Virtual Conference

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