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Are you looking to bring that WOW factor to your next online event?
Then you definitely want to bring in Event Rap!

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#BayerProcurement and our amazing #BayerSuppliers are shaping future collaboration. Baba Brinkman summed it up perfectly in his fantastic RAP UP!

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Every great organization deserves a great anthem. We’re thrilled to share that the #ISACA Anthem dropped today!

ISACA on LinkedIn >


It’s a wrap! Talk, student posters, and panels all summarized by Event Rap… Amazing!

Tanya Berger-Wolf >


The most amazing and innovative wrap up I have ever seen before… Bravo!!

Caroline Saccoletto on LinkedIn >

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🎤 A rap about retrofit? Yes please!

We can’t get enough! 🙌

👀 Watch the full video, you’ll be singing it all day! 👇

EnergieSprong UK on LinkedIn >


Baba Brinkman’s ability to listen, process, and transform complex material into a rap is absolutely unmatched. If you have to organize a virtual event, and you are looking for someone to bring something unique and entertaining, I highly recommend working with him!

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Shout out to Event Rap and Baba Brinkman for hosting our SKO today. Wow! Serious #micdrop. Highly recommend for kicking your #virtual meetings up a notch.

LinkedIn Post by Christa “CJ” Smith >


What a phenomenal course (w)rap up! Thanks, Socrates Rosenfeld and Baba Brinkman for your incredible visit!

LinkedIn Post by Erin L Scott >


Baba Brinkman performed a “Rap Up” at the end of our meeting, hitting all of the points we just heard, and it completely blew our team away!!! Mic drop…

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We had Baba Brinkman and Dex McBean at our Stars and Stripes Charity Gala in October and they were a fantastic addition to both the cocktail hour and opening the program. They freestyled about each guest who answered a couple of quick questions and really lightened up the evening. Thank you gents! I highly recommend them for your next gathering.

Frank Morizio on LinkedIn >


Baba Brinkman does a hilarious job capturing the HBS Tech Conference I co-chaired last month. Check out his rap that he performed LIVE during the conference.

For anyone considering planning an event, I highly recommend checking out his company Event Rap to add some fun to the event!

Tanishq Bhalla on LinkedIn >


I can highly recommend Event Rap! Dex McBean did an amazing job putting it all together – I love it, and my mom even called to say how cool it was.

LinkedIn Post by Linus Dahlander >


Our fun 2022 Sales Kick-Off rap video shows to our sales team and other viewers why D-Fend Solutions is the FLYEST #counterdrone technology provider. This was a great motivational video for the team!

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If you’re looking to add something really amazing, unique and high-energy, reach out to Baba Brinkman, can’t recommend him and his team enough.

LinkedIn Post by Alex Shebar >


Baba Brinkman captures the heart of #EntrepreneurialStrategy choices facing Socrates Rosenfeld and Jane Technologies, Inc. in fantastic course rap-up! 

LinkedIn Post by Scott Stern >


Are Data Scientists and Statisticians polar opposites? Rap Battle by the Epic Baba Brinkman

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Favorite quote from the audience: “When I take the sustainability imperative to my Board, I will rap it.” 🎤  Thank you Baba Brinkman!

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Interested in #CRISPR, want to have some fun? Check out the rap playlist by #science rappers Baba Brinkman, Hila the Killa, and Corey J for World CRISPR day.

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For the final synthesis of my #strategy course at National University of Singapore Business School we invited the amazingly talented Baba Brinkman and Dex McBean for a custom rap summarizing the key ideas. Tough can be fun!

LinkedIn Post by Arzi Adbi >


Round of applause, can I get an ovation? Linus and Dex are sparking inspiration!

LinkedIn Post by Linus Dahlander (March 2022) >


Baba Brinkman 🎉🎉🎉  way to go! As sustainability practitioners, we have so much weight on our shoulders – thanks for bringing lightness and an awesome beat 😊

LinkedIn Post by Julia Salant >


The result is in the video. The surprise on the students’ faces speaks for itself!

LinkedIn Post by Bruno Branco >


We at Qnergy often struggle to explain the elegance of the Stirling engine. This time around we decided to have a little fun with it and luckily, our friend Baba Brinkman agreed to help.

LinkedIn Post by Qnergy >


Check out this cool new rap from our Sales Kick-Off!
Baba Brinkman you are a genius of words! Thank you for helping us kick off 2022 in a funky way!

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 Let’s celebrate #PalindomeDay by listening to Palindrome in the Genome by Baba Brinkman from Event Rap!

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Strategy conveyed in the most contemporary way possible

LinkedIn Post by Andrew Delios >


As we continue to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we invite you to listen to #WomenInCRISPR by Hila the Killa! 

LinkedIn Post by Synthego Corporation >


Thank you Baba Brinkman for the terrific rap on machine consciousness and robot inner speech!

LinkedIn Post by Antonio Chella >


Purpose people – this purpose rap will blow your mind! A joyful and animating way to spend 7 minutes! Seriously. I mean, not seriously!

LinkedIn Post by Coro Strandberg >


Check out our Day 1 Rap Up video by Baba Brinkman and get into the rhythm of #SocialPurpose with us! https://bit.ly/3pdxHjg

LinkedIn Post by United Way Social Purpose Institute >


Congratulations Baba Brinkman for such a great summary!

LinkedIn Post by Catherin Aung >


Check out this short preview of Baba Brinkman’s freestyle rap, ‘Drops on a Tulip’, presented at LeaseAccelerator’s Customer Connect event last week!

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Cities built for cars or for humans, you’d like to think the latter but that feels like an illusion.

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Let’s reclaim the streets, for humans. The solution? Cargo bike revolution!

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Keep attendees engaged with these virtual event entertainment ideas

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A new venture from science-rapper Baba Brinkman

DC Metro Theater Arts >

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New York, NY – April 20, 2021 – Launching next week with a Kickstarter Campaign, Event Rap is the first-ever booking tool for custom rap content, founded by rapper and entrepreneur Baba Brinkman.

Kickstarter Press Release >

evening standard

He is not the world’s coolest rapper, but he might be the funniest and most well-read. Exercise any free will you have and buy a ticket.

London Evening Standard >

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“Phenomenal… his charisma and good will are infectious, betraying a genuine and endearing enthusiasm for science… our dopest unlikely MC.”

CBC Radio >


“Astonishing and brilliant… fizzing energy and spell-binding charisma”

The New York Times >

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