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AirMiners Conference

Performed May 13th, 2020, at the AirMiners Virtual Conference, the first virtual Rap Up of the COVID era.

CIFAR Flow Rap Up 4

Baba Brinkman’s 4th Rap Up of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research “Neuroscience of Flow” conference, December 2020.

Drops on a Tulip – Rap Up

Baba Brinkman’s Rap Up of the February 2021 LeaseAccelerator Customer Connect event, featuring presenters from Dow, HP, and Hain Celestial.

10,000 Teachers Rap Up

Baba Brinkman performs a Rap Up summary of the 10,000 Teachers Conference at New York Climate Week 2020, hosted by PocketLab, Science Is Cool, and Shhh, It’s Real.

AGU 2020 Rap Up 1

Baba Brinkman’s Rap Up of Day 1 of the American Geophysical Union virtual conference featuring NASA astronaut Leland Melvin, performed December 7 2020.

Leases on Leashes

Baba Brinkman’s lease accounting Rap Up, Leases on Leashes, performed at LeaseAccelerator’s Customer Connect event on 9/17/20.

Google “3:20” Freestyle

Baba Brinkman performs an improvised freestyle inspired by comments in the live chat the Google Quantum Summer Symposium.

Tricentis 2018 Rap Up 2

Baba Brinkman performs a final Rap Up summary of the Tricentis “Accelerate 2018” Conference in Vienna, Austria.

TSC 2020 Day 5

A Rap Up on the fifth and final day of the Tucson Science of Consciousness Conference, September 2020.

TEDx Play Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up at the end of the 2015 TEDxNavesink conference in New Jersey.

World Parks Congress Rap Up

Baba Brinkman performs a Rap Up of the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney Australia, accompanied on stage by indigenous musicians from Australia and the South Pacific, for an audience of 5,000 conference delegates.

Enterprise Lease Accounting

Baba Brinkman performs the world’s first-ever rap about the field of lease accounting at the Enterprise Lease Accounting Summit in Dallas, TX, June 2019.

Star Talk at BAM “Can’t Stop”

Baba Brinkman performs his track “Can’t Stop” combining freestyle and written elements for a sold-out crowd at Brooklyn Academy of Music on stage with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice, and Brian Greene.

Wildlife Habitat Council Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up for Fortune 500 clients of the Wildlife Habitat Council, a non-profit that certifies habitat restoration projects undertaken by corporations.

BrainMind “Good Bayesian” Freestyle

Baba Brinkman performs his track “Good Bayesian” at the Stanford BrainMind Summit, with a freestyle segment riffing on audience input.

Tricentis 2018 – Performance, Freestyle, Revision

Baba Brinkman adapts his Freestyle Track “Performance Feedback Revision” into a lesson on continuous software testing at the Tricentis “Accelerate 2018” Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Google Quantum Symposium

Baba Brinkman performs a Rap Up of Day 2 of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium (July 23, 2020).

Data Science Salon

Baba performs a Rap Up of the New York Data Science Salon at CBS/Viacom headquarters in Manhattan, July 2019.

Revenge of the Somatic

The Evolutionary Story of Cancer, animation commissioned by ASU’s “Arizona Cancer Evolution Center”

Don Hoffman Keynote Rap

Performed at the Tucson “Science of Consciousness Conference” 2020, a freestyle set based on psychologist Don Hoffman’s keynote slides.

Brisbane Writer’s Fest

Baba synthesizes the names of 80 sponsors into a Custom Rap, performed on the main stage at the 2007 Brisbane Writer’s Festival, Australia.

Greenhouse Effect

Baba Brinkman’s music video for “Greenhouse Effect” from his 2016 album “The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos”

Berkeley Play Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up of the Minerva Foundation’s Play Conference at UC Berkeley, May 2012.

BSR “Freedom Ain’t Free”

Baba Brinkman’s Freestyle Track “Freedom Ain’t Free” performed live at the 2016 BSR Conference in New York.

Shift Forum, COP21

Baba performs a Rap Up of the Shift Project Forum on aviation industry emission offsets at COP 21, the Paris Climate Conference, November 2015.

Leonard Schein Retirement Party

Baba Brinkman performs a custom rap toast to Vancouver International Film Festival founder Leonard Schein at his retirement party in 2013.

Ontario Biodiversity Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up summary at the end of the Ontario Biodiversity Conference, May 2015.

Confessions of a Skeptic

Commissioned by Skeptic Magazine and premiered at the Skeptic Society 25th Anniversary show at YouTube Studios, New York.

Stars of STEM Gala

Baba Brinkman performs a Rap Up of the virtual “Stars of STEM” Gala produced by Boston Museum of Science, October 2020.

T.V.O.L. (This View of Live)

Commissioned by This View of Life Magazine and The Evolution Institute to help popularize the Darwinian worldview.

Ballad of a Zombie

A zombie anthem exploring the evolutionary science of parasitism, from pathogens to social media.

Alteryx Inspire Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up of the 2018 Alteryx Inspire Conference in Anaheim, CA, adopting the rap persona of the company CMO Seth Greenberg.

Science of Norms

Baba performs a Rap Up at the end of the NIMBioS “Science of Social Norms” conference in Knoxville, TN, April 2019.

World Science Festival: Cool Jobs

Baba Brinkman hosts the “Cool Jobs” showcase at the World Science Festival, introducing roboticist Heather Knight accompanied by engineer and beat boxer Nate Ball.

Performance, Feedback, Revision – Stephen Hawking Version

Baba Brinkman performs his song “Performance, Feedback, Revision” from Rap Guide to Evolution live at the 2012 Seattle Science Festival, with Stephen Hawking (who had just finished giving his keynote talk) watching the set from the wings, (which was very distracting).

Tequila Tecate

Official Music Video for Lex Rush’s 2018 party song.

Freestyle Drive

Lex Rush kicks freestyle raps in the passenger seat while driving through Manhattan with “Freestyle Drive” host Lebanese Ether.

Upfront Summit Freestyle Session

Lex Rush performs freestyle raps in response to audience prompts live at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles for the Upfront Summit.

2 O’Clock Flow

Lex Rush performs a Freestyle Set for the brunch crowd at Queens Comfort Diner, Queens, NY.

The Undoing Recap

Lex Rush recaps the plot of the HBO series The Undoing in a rap verse.

Quarantine Flow

Lex Rush performs custom quarantine-themed bars with DJ Rob Swift and James Avatar.

Queen’s Gambit Recap

Lex Rush recaps the plot of the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit in a rap verse.

New Economic Questions

Created for the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2019.

Pizza Party!

Nathanology synthesizes the PSA messaging of the legendary Brooklyn venue House of Yes into a rap anthem.

Life is a Horror Movie

Nathanology performs a custom rap about horror films at Little Cinema’s presentation of Scream, NYC.

Grab Bag Challenge

Nathanology performs at the legendary End of the Weak MC challenge in New York, freestyling about random objects drawn from a bag.

Target Practice

Nathanology competes in PROPS, the ultimate freestyle gameshow. The challenge: rap synonyms for a list of eight words in the voice of a fictional character.

Etymology of Hip-Hop

Nathanology breaks down the origins of the words “Hip” and “Hop” and several other core elements of the culture.


Nathanology reprises Drake’s maxim “You Only Live Once” and M.I.A.’s rebuttal “You Always Live Again” with a sensible compromise: “You Live At Least Once”.

Introduction to Critical Theory

Nathanology breaks down the definitions and contradictions that make up 21st Century Critical Theory.

F’D Train

Lex Rush takes you on a journey through the immaculate New York public transit system.

Exercise Your Rights

Nate and Hila break down the deep links between pilates and participatory democracy.

Quarantine Tips

Nate and Hila get their alien groove on to bring you the best ways to enrich your body and mind during lockdown.


Nate and Hila make a custom music video for the employees at to end 2020 in style.

Fire Drill

Nate and Hila break down their whole ethos while showcasing insane rhyme skills.

Bring Your Own Cup

No more disposable cups! Nate and Hila make the eco-rap case.

20 Climate Solutions

What’s the solution to climate change? There are lots! Let’s do some.

Digital Cooperation Rap Up

inverse K performs a Rap Up of the virtual Digital Cooperation event at the UN 75th General Assembly.

UN Global Festival of Action Rap Up

inverse K performs a Rap Up of the UN Global Festival of Action 2019.

2019 UN GA Rap Up

inverse K performs a Rap Up for delegates of the 2019 United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Idea Week Rap Up

inverse K performs a Rap Up of Idea Week at Notre Dame University, May 2019.

The Cure for Conference Boredom

inverse K breaks down the Event Rap suite of services, including the problems they’re designed to solve.

Hack The Crisis Anthem

A custom rap video by inverse K for the Hack the Crisis, Sweden, virtual conference created April 2020.

REVISION Summit Medley

inverse K performs a spoken word medley drawn from several of his signature sets, to close the 2019 REVISION Summit.


The relative merits of Bitcoin vs the Facebook cryptocurrency Libra decoded.

Reclamation of Personal Data – Blockchain Anthem

“Our data’s trapped so we’re takin’ it back!” inverse K breaks down the benefits of blockchain.

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