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Sales Hacker Podcast

Baba Brinkman performs a rap up summary of the Sales Hacker Podcast, Episode 181, with host Sam Jacobs interviewing Sysdig CRO Keegan Riley.

Searching for the Question Freestyle

Baba Brinkman kicks a singularity-themed freestyle rap as a guest on David Orban’s “Searching for the Question Live” podcast.

This Week in Science Freestyle

Baba Brinkman freestyles a recap of “This Week in Science” Podcast’s July 10, 2019 episode.


Podcast Recap

Every podcast episode should end with a bang, and what could hit harder than a live, original rap summary of the podcast's main themes?

One of our rappers will listen in on the episode and write a snap summary track to perform live at the end, or take word suggestions from your guests or your audience and weave them into a freestyle set, creating a high-energy audio and video product that you can clip, share and use to boost the profile of the episode and the whole production.

What Kind of Rap Do You Need?