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Something ‘Bout Me

Jam Young celebrates and congratulates the 8th grade graduating students at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS in Florida, all 52 of them.


Zeps congratulates the EMBA 2021 graduating class at Queensland University of Technology with a tribute rap video, greeting the cohort team members by name and sharing a few of their hilarious hobbies and quirks.

Brandt and Belinda

Baba Brinkman celebrates the lives and legacies of Vancouver business leaders Brandt and Belinda Louie, recipients of the 2021 Simon Fraser University President’s Distinguished Community Leadership Award.

Justin’s 50th

Hila the Killa celebrates Canadian tree-planter Justin W.’s 50th b-day with a charming rap tribute.

Mickey Memorial

Baba Brinkman performs a custom rap up at the virtual memorial service of Mickey Hinton, after the Zoom meeting gets hacked by trolls spewing obscenities.

Six Deep

Jam Young memorializes a group of teenagers recently killed in unconnected acts of gun violence at Austin East High School in Knoxville, TN.

Lisa’s 60th – Kosha Dillz Custom Rap

Kosha Dillz delivers a rap celebration of the life and family and friends of Lisa M. on her 60th birthday.

We Love Carmen

MC Zeps introduces a lovable Cane Corso named Carmen as well as the animal rescue shelters that helped her get from a puppy mill to her current happy owner. #AdoptDontShop #DontCropLetEmFlop

Federica’s Birthday

Baba Brinkman performs a rap up celebrating the birthday of CfRN Managing Director Federica Bietta, live in-person at Barolo Restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, during the COP26 Climate Conference.

Birthday Freestyle Session

Corey James Gray rocks a freestyle set on crutches, never letting his injury distract from his incomparable flow.


Tribute Rap

What's the best way to lavish praise and gratitude on someone you love? With the modern gift of music and poetry in the form of a timeless rap video of course!

Tribute raps can be used to celebrate any kind of landmark or special day, from graduations to birthdays to gala celebration, up to and including memorial services, we've done them all!

We study the intricate details of the target of your affection and tell their story, creating a rap song and video that lifts the spirits of everyone involved.




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