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ASSC – Resolving the Bet

Baba Brinkman performs a rap summary of the 25-year bet between philosopher Dave Chalmers and neuroscientist Christof Koch, resolved at ASSC 2023, about how long it will take science to uncover the “neural correlates of consciousness” aka the NCCs.

North West Event Show Recap

The 2023 North West Event Show held a panel that included the Mayor of Seattle, the president of the Downtown Seattle Association, the King County Executive, the Seattle Sports Commissioner, and the President of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Baba Brinkman raps an executive summary of the discussion.

The EVENT Showcase

Baba Brinkman and Zeps go back and forth freestyling about attendees and booths at The EVENT in Gatineau, QC, May 12-13 2023.

North West Event Show Freestyles

Zeps freestyles about sponsors and booths and content at the North West Event Show in Seattle, WA 15-16 March 2023.

The EVENT Pop-Up Freestyles

Zeps freestyles about attendees and booths at The EVENT in Gatineau, QC, May 12-13 2023.

World Climate Summit “Hands Up”

Baba Brinkman performs at the World Climate Summit, rapping up the morning’s talks and calling on world business leaders to set ambitious emission-reduction targets.

Baba Brinkman @ COP27

Baba Brinkman attends the COP27 UN climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt November 7-15 2022 and performs more than 30 live shows at various side events and pavilions, all of them either freestyles or rap ups written on site.

Tricentis 2018 Rap Up 2

Baba Brinkman performs a final Rap Up summary of the Tricentis “Accelerate 2018” Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Enterprise Lease Accounting

Baba Brinkman performs the world’s first-ever rap about the field of lease accounting at the Enterprise Lease Accounting Summit in Dallas, TX, June 2019.

Alteryx Inspire Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up of the 2018 Alteryx Inspire Conference in Anaheim, CA, adopting the rap persona of the company CMO Seth Greenberg.


In-Person Conference

Rap and serious business or academic conferences may seem like strange bedfellows, but when the rap is custom-tailored to the details of the event, they they make for an unforgettable experience.

Event Rap can send a skilled artist (or several) to freestyle interactively with your audience, to write rap up summaries on-site that include the speakers' names and key takeaways from your event, performed on the main stage as a grand finale, or we can work with you to create a custom rap song and video about your mission and message to play on the main stage and drive engagement – or all of the above!

Check out our in-person conference videos and contact us to design the perfect rap complement for your event.




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