In-Person Conference

Rapping in-person at conferences is more engaging in many ways, where and when public health restrictions allow for large gatherings.

In-Person Conference Videos

Tricentis 2018 Rap Up 2

Baba Brinkman performs a final Rap Up summary of the Tricentis “Accelerate 2018” Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Enterprise Lease Accounting

Baba Brinkman performs the world’s first-ever rap about the field of lease accounting at the Enterprise Lease Accounting Summit in Dallas, TX, June 2019.

BrainMind “Good Bayesian” Freestyle

Baba Brinkman performs his track “Good Bayesian” at the Stanford BrainMind Summit, with a freestyle segment riffing on audience input.

Tricentis 2018 – Performance, Freestyle, Revision

Baba Brinkman adapts his Freestyle Track “Performance Feedback Revision” into a lesson on continuous software testing at the Tricentis “Accelerate 2018” Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Data Science Salon

Baba performs a Rap Up of the New York Data Science Salon at CBS/Viacom headquarters in Manhattan, July 2019.

Alteryx Inspire Conference

Baba performs a Rap Up of the 2018 Alteryx Inspire Conference in Anaheim, CA, adopting the rap persona of the company CMO Seth Greenberg.

Upfront Summit Freestyle Session

Lex Rush performs freestyle raps in response to audience prompts live at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles for the Upfront Summit.