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Let Me Talk

Mega Ran teams up with rapper Zaid Tabani to spit FIRE about free speech in support of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Women in CRISPR

Hila rocks out on World CRISPR Day, celebrating the contributions of women scientists to one of the world’s most revolutionary new technologies.

Decade of the Cargo Bike

Abdominal makes the case for cargo bikes as a key solution to the challenges of traffic, air pollution, and urban logistics.

Be a Stoic

Nathan Dufour breaks down the history of stoic philosophy and how it can help us all navigate the challenges of modern life.

Happy World CRISPR Day

Zeps celebrates CRISPR gene and cell editing technology on World CRISPR Day 2021.

Jam 4 Cancer

Jam Young’s tribute to breast cancer survivors and the non-profits that support their treatment and recovery and research for a cure, supported by Cans 4 Cancer.

Path to Purpose

Corey J chronicles recent changes in business practices, where companies aim for positive societal impact as well as profit.

It’s Not Too Late

Zeps calls for action on climate change in the best possible way, with catchy rap punchlines about Captain Planet and Thelma and Louise.

Commercial Whaling

Why is there still commercial whaling? Historical, economic, and cultural factors combine to keep a few countries still hunting and selling whale meat on the open market in defiance of the IWC moratorium.

Inspired by the thesis work of Ms. Tina Lerch, Swiss School of Barcelona.

Bill of Blights – Abdominal Custom Rap

Abdominal satirically proclaims the right of viruses to spread unencumbered, and invites all those who oppose public health measures to co-sign his “Virus Bill of Rights”.


Public Service Announcement

Rap music is tailor-made to grab attention and get a message across, and the most important messages have to do with collective human wellbeing and the ordering of society. You provide the key argument and links to evidence that it works, and we'll transform that content into a catchy anthem and rap video that changes hearts and minds.

Whatever path to wellbeing matters most to you, add your own chapter to the storied history of socially-conscious rap calling for positive change by commissioning your very own public service announcement to share with the world.

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