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Women in Leadership

Bronx rapper Dizzy Senze delivers an on-the-spot rap summary of Salesforce’s Women in Leadership group, at a meeting to celebrate the completion of their recent executive training program.

Contentment Foundation Kick-Off

Baba Brinkman welcomes attendees to the Contentment Foundation 2022 State of the Union meeting by freestyling about the many cities and countries around the world represented.

CIFAR Flow Rap Up 4

Baba Brinkman’s 4th Rap Up of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research “Neuroscience of Flow” conference, December 2020.

The Falconer

Baba Brinkman performs at the September 2021 LeaseAccelerator user conference, riffing on W B Yeats’ poem “The Second Coming”.

Okta Freestyle Set

Lex Rush performs at the Okta Demand Gen monthly team meeting, freestyling phrases submitted by attendees.


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